Zahra Ghodsi

I am an assistant professor in the ECE department at Purdue University. My research focuses on building secure frameworks for emerging intelligent devices and applications, and spans applied cryptography, machine learning, and systems.

I am currently looking for students to join my group. If you are interested in building secure and intelligent systems, feel free to reach out!


Dec 2022 Our paper, “zPROBE: Zero Peek Robustness Checks for Federated Learning”, received an outstanding paper award at the TSRML workshop at NeurIPS 2022.

Oct 2021 Our paper, “Circa: Stochastic ReLUs for Private Deep Learning”, has been accepted to NeurIPS 2021.

Aug 2021 I have been selected as an EECS Rising Star.

May 2021 Our paper, “DeepReDuce: ReLU Reduction for Fast Private Inference”, will appear at ICML 2021.

Apr 2021 Our paper, “Generating and Characterizing Scenarios for Safety Testing of Autonomous Vehicles”, has been accepted to IEEE IV 2021.

Sep 2020 Our paper, “CryptoNAS: Private Inference on a ReLU Budget”, has been accepted to NeurIPS 2020.

Sep 2019 I will be joining NVIDIA Research for an internship, thrilled to be working with Anima Anandkumar.

Jan 2019 I have been selected as a J.P. Morgan AI Research PhD Fellow.

send me a message: zahra [at]